Property Rental Registration Program

Rental Registration and Inspection Program


It is the purpose of the City of Highwood Rental Registration and Inspection Program to assure that rental housing in the City is maintained in a good, safe and sanitary condition and does not create a nuisance or blighted conditions to its surroundings, and to aid in the enforcement of the property maintenance code, building safety code, zoning ordinance, and other relevant provisions of the City Code or all applicable residential rental units within the City. See application form below:

Rental Property Application (PDF)


This program requires the mandatory annual registration and payment of a fee for all rental properties in the City limits of Highwood. The fees are as follows:

Rental Registration and Inspection Schedule of Fees

Fee TypeFee
Initial Registration Fee (One Time)
Rental Fee - Property with one (1 ) unit aka single
Rental Fee - Property with two (2) units aka duplex
$150 per unit 
Rental Fee - Property with three (3) units aka triplex
$150 per unit 
Rental Fee - Property with four (4) units aka quad
$150 per unit 
Rental Fee - Property with 5-49 units
$125 per unit 
Rental Fee - Property with 50 or more units$70 per unit 
Late fee (30 days late or more)
25% of total 
Late fee (90 days late or more)50% of total 
Vacant Residential and Commercial Fee$500 

For fees regarding common areas please see the City Code

Payments Online

You may pay your rental registration online.


A Safe Rental Inspection Checklist (PDF) is available online as a guide for your use as well as What to Expect During an Inspection (PDF). We encourage you to walk through your rental properties and verify that the items on the Inspection Checklist have been addressed to ensure safety for your tenants and to protect your investment.

To request an inspection prior to being notified, please feel free to contact us at 847-432-1924. Typically we can do an inspection within 2 to 3 days of your request. If you have a tenant in the unit, we request they have five (5) days notice prior to the inspection (unless you have other arrangements with your tenant).

Inspections may be initiated by tenant or neighbor complaints about a particular structure or area of rental properties, and/or as indicated by Fire and Police calls for service, public complaints made to elected or appointed officials having municipal or other legal jurisdiction or exterior nuisance complaints about a structure or area.

Forms and information: