Other Licensing


Any person, but not limited to, an individual, partnership, corporation or sole proprietor who wishes to conduct either directly or indirectly, any business within the City of Highwood, must secure a business license certificate.
- Business License Application (PDF)


All landscapers operating within the city are required to obtain a license and maintain a copy of that license within all vehicles operating within the city.
- Landscape Contractor Registration (PDF)
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No person, partnership, corporation, society, club or association shall offer for sale or sell alcoholic liquor at retail in the city unless such person, firm, corporation, society, club or association shall have first obtained a license therefor from the liquor control commission of the city.
- Liquor License Renewal Application (PDF)
- New Liquor License Application (PDF)
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Peddlers and Solicitors

It shall be unlawful for any person, or for any agent, servant or employee of any person, to engage in, carry on or conduct the business of a peddler or solicitor within the corporate limits of the city without first obtaining a license to do so.
- Peddlers and Solicitors License Application (PDF)
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No person, firm or corporation shall conduct any raffle or sell or distribute any raffle chance within the city, except as provided by the Illinois raffles act and this chapter, and pursuant to a license issued hereunder.
- Raffle License Application (PDF)
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Resident Rental Property

Applies to all residential rental properties and all dwelling units therein that are leased in whole or in part as a rental dwelling units. All owners of residential rental housing properties in the city, shall be required to obtain an inspection in order to obtain a Certificate of Compliance evidencing that the premises is in compliance with the Building, Zoning, Property Maintenance, FIre, Life Safety Codes and other applicable ordinances or Codes.
- Rental Property Application (PDF)
- Rental Property Renewal Application (PDF)
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It shall be unlawful to operate a restaurant or mobile food dispensing service in the city without first having obtained a license therefor.
- New Restaurant License Application (PDF)
- Restaurant License Renewal Application (PDF)
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Sales and Delivery

It shall be unlawful to use or permit the use of any vehicle, including wagons and motor vehicles and vehicles propelled by human power, for the storage or carrying of any meat, poultry, fish, butter, cheese, lard, vegetables, dairy products, bread or bakery products, or any other provisions intended for human consumption, including beverages, in the City of Highwood for the purpose of delivering any such food stuffs to any place in the City of Highwood for use and consumption at, wholesale or retail, unless said license for such vehicle is first secured and the provisions of this Chapter are fully complied with.
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Sidewalk Cafe

Use of any part of any public sidewalk within the city by any business to provide or serve either any food or any beverage, or both, or as a seating or waiting area shall constitute operation of a "sidewalk cafe".
- Sidewalk Cafe License Application (PDF)
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It shall be unlawful for any person to sell or offer for sale, at retail, to give away, deliver or to keep with the intention of selling at retail, giving away or delivering tobacco products within the city, without having first obtained a license therefor.
- Tobacco License Application (PDF)
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Valet Parking

It shall be unlawful for any person to offer or provide valet parking services in the city without a valid valet parking permit. A separate permit shall be required for each business served.
- Valet Parking Permit Application (PDF)
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