Garage Sale Permit

Permitting Requirements

The City of Highwood requires that groups or individuals who plan to hold a garage sale obtain permit before it begins.


  • No more than 1 sale shall be conducted at or from any residence within the city within any single calendar year.
  • Sales cannot be held for more than 2 consecutive days.
  • Signs cannot exceed 4 square feet and must be freestanding.
  • Signs cannot be placed on or in the public right of way or any other public property ( the grassy area between sidewalk and curb)
  • Sales must be held on paved surfaces
  • Signs cannot be posted on or connected in anyway, to any tree, live plant, utility pole, traffic control device, traffic sign, fire hydrant or similar item.
  • Signs must be removed at the end of the last day of the sale.

How to Apply

Complete Garage Sale Permit Application (PDF) form and submit it to City Hall.